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Aug 23

Written by: POCO EDM
8/23/2010 4:12 PM 

David Pedersen has become the newest member of the EDM Support Team at Poco Graphite. As an EDM Applications / Sales Specialist, Mr. Pedersen will be supporting POCO’s EDM distribution network, end-users and others within the industry. Having over 35 years of experience in the moldmaking industry, Mr. Pedersen’s skills span a full range of operations to include mold production, conventional machine technology, electrode design and practical applications in both sinker and wire EDM. During his career, Mr. Pedersen has worked in mold shops, with EDM OEM’s and as an instructor at the Tool and Die Institute of the National Tooling and Manufacturing Association. Prior to joining Poco Graphite, Mr. Pedersen was most recently an Applications Engineer with +GF+ AgieCharmilles. We are proud to have the added experience that Mr. Pedersen brings to the applications group of Poco Graphite and are certain that our customers will benefit from his being a member of the POCO team as well.